Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is a little corner of my kitchen; with some favourite objects in it (no, not the phone!!)

I started this blog when I was getting in a real state of panic over the potential of bird flu to become pandemic. I was worrying myself sick so I decided blogging might just help me get some perspective on life. It's funny how the swine flu situation seemed to come out of no-where - I had actually stopped worrying about bird flu!

So, naturally, I'm worrying about swine flu and the media doesn't help. I can't NOT read the newspapers or watch TV or I'd worry I'd miss something important. Another worry is that's Phil's firm are shedding jobs by the hundreds; every month comes news of more job losses and apparently it's his department next! I am already having worries about the next couple of weddings I'm doing; about my bad arm which is no better (the pills hold the pain at bay but without them I'm in constant severe pain!) and I am also very anxious about a family member. I'm lurching mentally from one worry to another and I really need to get a grip!

Deep down I think I worry because I feel I'm doing SOMETHING with the act of worrying when in reality much of what I'm worrying about is stuff over whivh I have no control.

Anyway - writing it down has helped somewhat. At least for now I'm just WORRYING and not PANICKING.....


mrsnesbitt said...

Worrying is something we all do in different ways. I worry about things too yet I know I needn' I worry I worry! lol! Dxx

Mabe the Babe said...

I think it's a female instinct to worry - must be a protective, nurturing thing? I don't know. But I do understand. Blogging helps me get things off my chest too and often puts things into perspective. Hope your arms gets beter soon. XXX

Akelamalu said...

Well I suppose worrying is better than panicking! Chill m'dear. xx

Kerri said...

As you know I battle worry on a daily basis..... well to be honest more like an hourly basis.

It has really helped me to think of specific verses from the Bible, or positive quotes from that new book I purchase, to kind of "fend off the worry beast". Everytime I have a negative thought or a worry comes up....I try to think of something positive.

Know that I am thinking of you!!!

JAM said...

Love the shot of your window.

Hope your worries come to naught.