Tuesday, September 01, 2009

At an angle...

I took this photo when we were in London. It's St Pancras Station and has not long been refurbished. I'm not usually one for quirky camera angles but I quite like this even though in retrospect I overdid the angle! Used sparingly they can be quite dynamic but I remember what another photographer once said on the subject "Too many quirky angles is a sign the photographer has run out of ideas..."

I love stations - like airports they always seem full of exciting possibilities and human emotion.

This past weekend was our August Bank Holiday which marks the end of summer for me even though there's often a chance of nice weather in September. The girls go back to school on Thursday and from next week I'll be back to my normal (longer) working hours again. Some things start up again, like RDA which I've really missed, and our local camera club.

We have the final wedding booked for this year on Saturday.

I've been busy de-cluttering the past few days; something I always find therapeutic. I even had a sort out of the garage. It's nice to think I'll be heading back to work with things reasonably organised and sorted in the house.


Akelamalu said...

You can virtually guarantee some nice weather in September - just as soon as I go back to work! :(

That's a great shot even though I had to lie down to see it. LOL

I've spent quite a lot of time over the summer holiday decluttering and doing lots of little jobs I don't get time to do whilst I'm working. It's a great feeling isn't it? :)

Susan DeAngelis said...

Fantastic shot! I'd love to see more.


photowannabe said...

Back to school and back to work are a sure way to have beautiful-getaway weather.
Doesn't de-cluttering feel good. I agree it can be good therapy for the entire body.

Dianne said...

I love stations and airports too

and I love this angle