Saturday, October 17, 2009

We found an old manor house on one of days out in Kent; it was very small and felt very peaceful in the heat of an August day. I liked the misty glass in the leaded windows and the glimpse of red amongst the green foliage.The summer seems so far away now but we are having a beautiful autumn so far.

WHAT a week; it was Wirral Libraries' BookFest and I worked a lot of extra hours. Every event seemed to go pretty well, though. I got to take quite a lot of photos which I haven't had a chance to process yet. The week was full of challenges but I really enjoyed most of it; it was fun! i have been very short of time: i have been visiting blogs and reading all your posts even though I may not always have commented.

Phil's mum is recovering after her big operation but prayers and positive thoughts are still needed. She is being really brave. When I see her smile I know I would not be so cheerful under the same circumstances.

Oh dear, I had a nasty shock today. There was an AWFUL photo of me in the local paper! A couple of weeks ago RDA held the world's biggest riding lessoon to celebrate its 40th anniversary and our group at Foxes took part. Well, there was a reporter there and she got a photo of me leading Candy and I look terrible; tatty hair, baggy t-shirt billowing over the coat tied round my hips, double chins, the LOT! The sort of photo that people stick on the fridge to put them off eating! I was mortified! But at least our rider, ally , looks fab. Ally could hardly sit up when she started last term and now she has great balance. It's so encouraging to see her enjoying her riding and getting better each week. RDA is one of the best parts of my week - my life! I'm so lucky to get to do it!

We have had three enquiries for weddings in the past week. It's funny how you can have nothing for ages and then three come along at once!


Akelamalu said...

There are very few photos of me that I actually like!

Good news on the wedding enquiries and I'm glad to hear your MIL is doing OK. I'll continue sending Reiki to her for as long as needed. :)

Kerri said...

I have missed you!! So glad you are posting again and glad your MIL is recovering! I love the image you posted!

Cathifach said...

Hope Phil's mum continues to get better. Did you catch my post about the photo in the newspaper? It had been used to line the guinea pig hutch before I got chance to find your picture!!!

Cathifach said...

So glad Phil's mum's doing well. Did you catch my comment on fb about the newspaper pic? It had been used to line the guinea pig hutch before I had chance to see it!!!

photowannabe said...

So happy to hear your Mum in Law is coming along so well. That is a load off your shoulders I'm sure.
There aren't many pictures of me that I care for either but just think of the wonderful strides Ally has made because of your help. That's the best part of the newspaper story.
Nice to have some work coming up too.

The Quiet Rage said...

You are sooooooo hard on yourself. Why?