Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Colours of autumn

Sometimes tiny landscapes can be just as evocative as larger ones (if not more so!) To be honest I don't think my heart is in landscape photography. Phil is so much better than I am and he has the right sort of vision as well as patience! I prefer photographing people and I also enjoy cityscapes and detail shots as well as the quirky and the unusual. The photo above was taken in the garden of the cafe in Watendlath, a hamlet near Keswick.

Although our holiday was not a stress-free time we did enjoy a lot of happy hours together. This view of Ullwater was taken on the Monday, when we took the steamer to Howtown and then walked back along the lakeside. The walk was full of memories of my dog Charlie: I always felt it was one of his favourite walks. At times I could almost imagine him trotting ahead of me. I miss him so much, especially so in the Lakes, a place he adored. It was full of water and walks for him, absolute paradise! His ashes are scattered on the banks of Derwentwater; one day Phil & I will join him there.

Open-air ablutions?

Here's my quirky photo of the holiday, which was also taken in Watendlath. The walk from Surprise View is another favourite of mine, partly as it can incorporate a stop at the little cafe in the hamlet. We had very nice gingerbread this visit! The garden where you sit to enjoy your coffees and snacks is full of very bold chaffinches who demand crumbs with menaces! Phil called me over to show me this imaginative corner; I was only disappointed that they hadn't included a toilet!

It has been quite a busy week so far; on Monday I was in the middle of a major cleaning/tidying session at home when I was called into work as there was a staffing crisis! Tuesday wasn't much better as I had three staff off sick and one on leave! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Today I did more of the cleaning/tidying (I am a bit obsessive about that right now!!!!) as well as Riding for the Disabled which as usual was fab and really lifted my spirits.


Cathifach said...

What a lovely time of year to go to the Lakes - fab photos. I went all shivery when I read about Charlie though X

photowannabe said...

Love your quirky picture Julie.
It sounds like you need to be 3 people this week. Just remember this too shall pass. Smile dear friend, you have someone who cares across the "Pond".

Scriptor Senex said...

Shows how long it is since I walked through Watendlath - there wasn't a cafe there then. But there were always ducks floating around the bridge. Lovely memories.

Akelamalu said...

Well if the photo of Ullswater is anything to go off you do landscapes excellently! :)

Dianne said...

your tiny landscape is lovely
so is the larger one

cheshire wife said...

I think that it is just as well that this particular bathroom does not include a toilet, as you could guarantee that someone would try to use it!