Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeling festive

I have really enjoyed the last three days; I've been off work and indulging in my favourite occupation of "pottering" and Christmas pottering at that!It's nice to have some extra time to get stuff done at a leisurely pace instead of at ninety miles an hour.

I've even got all of Phil's gifts wrapped; normally i'm doing THAT on Christmas Eve. We put the tree and all the decorations up on Saturday but as usual our bloody fairy lights are temperamental and keeping going off. I get in a total panic at the idea of a dark tree on Christmas Day so I went out on Monday and bought a spare set of lights...then paranoia set in! What if THOSE lights also failed, said the neurotic little voice in my head??? What will you do then, hmmm? So, off I went today and bought ANOTHER set of lights and if the little voice starts up again I'm going to do my best to ignore it!

This photo is a reflection (on wet pavement) of Liverpool's big wheel. When Phil & I had our Christmas shopping day the other week I took along my new camera and risked being searched by the police to take a few pics.

We had friends round on Sunday which was lovely and on Monday night it was the RDA helpers party which was great as always. Last night was our work Christmas "do" which was a brilliant night, full of fun and frivolity and laughter; I'm so lucky I have such great colleagues to work with. Tonight I'm home but on Thursday after work I'm meeting up with my local girlfriends for Christmas drinks and Secret Santa; I wonder who will get the nipple tassels THIS year?? Friday is a festive lunch with our Friday morning reading group, then Monday next week is our photographic society Christmas party which I seem to be organising and on Tuesday I'm meeting up with Annie in Chester for lunch and in the evening it's dinner with an old mate. You'd think I had a great social life but honestly; the rest of the year is pretty much a party-free zone!

On Sunday morning Phil decided to get up for dawn and as dawn isn't exactly early this month I decided to go with him. We drove out to Loggerheads and although it wasn't exactly stunning photographically it was great to be up and about before the sun and taking some photos. This is one of mine.

Well, must go, time to potter some more...


Annie said...

Lovely to hear you enjoying yourself. Nothing like a good old potter eh? I did giggle about you and your lights. I seem to buy lights every year. Mark asked me two weeks ago.. when are you going to buy the lights this year? I told him I'd already bought them LOL.

Really looking forward to seeing you Tuesday and Isabelle can't wait to see Aunty Julie and her sister Sian LOL.

It's a shame all the social activites fall at the same time. Enjoy them while they're there though.

Love Annie xx

Akelamalu said...

You may not have a full diary for the rest of the year but you do have a fun filled one leading up to Christmas! Enjoy m'dear. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Slowly but surely I am getting into the festive spirit!

cheshire wife said...

Enjoy your socialising! Life sounds hectic.

Dianne said...

I'm laughing about the lights! with you!!
I have 5 extra strings of lights, so you're pretty normal

love the reflection photo, it's beautiful

photowannabe said...

Beautiful festive shot. It would make a perfect Christmas card.
Its taken me so long this year to get things done but my heart is looking forward to the grandkids and Christmas morning.
Now if I can finish my Christmas cards and get them in the mail I will feel like Christmas can come...