Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This has been a very unusual Easter - for a start, the amazing weather!!! Good Friday was probably my favourite day - got up early, went for a run, did a bit of gardening and baking then basically lazed!

It was also unusual as Phil worked 2 twelve hour day shifts, one on Friday and one on the Sunday and it was strange for us all to be home relaxing without him.Our new garden furniture has had plenty of use though, and we had a bbq on Monday for Phil's dad.

On the Saturday we met up with a bride whose wedding we are photographing at the end of June. We are very excited because the reception is to be at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester - a VERY posh location right in the very heart of Chester. AS London bus is also involved - that should really be something to see! It's a little challenging to be photographing a bridal couple in Chester's very busy main street on a Saturday afternoon but hopefully we will get some great shots!

I took an extra day off today and went shopping in Liverpool with the girls; we had a great time although my debit card is now worn out and begging me not to touch it for the forseeable future!

Due to my work pattern I'm actually only working one day this week, then it's another long weekend which coincides nicely with our wedding anniversary on Saturday and Phil's birthday on Monday.

I'm looking forward to watching some of the wedding on Friday - can't wait to see Miss Middleton's dress! Despite all the weddings I've been involved in, I still get a HUGE thrill seeing the bride in all her finery. I'm sure Kate will look stunning!


Dianne said...

I have my DVR set to record everything just in case I don't wake up at 4 but I probably will
I love this stuff

the flowers are wonderful
such a lovely color

Akelamalu said...

We have certainly been lucky with the weather recently - I hope it holds for Kate and William on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing Kate's dress too. I hate to admit it but I hated Diana's dress, but I loved her.

Andrea said...

Two such lovely positive posts...don't you just ADORE the warm weather...long may it last :0)

Think you are so amazingingly brave with wedding photography, it scares the pants off me...enjoy the season!

cheshire wife said...

Which Miss Middleton? They both looked stunning, didn't they.

Good luck with the wedding photos in Chester on a Saturday afternoon. It will be a challenge!