Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, I really worked hard at aerobics with Adam this morning. I love that class. He has told us he may be starting dance classes on Sunday mornings which would be great. I enjoyed the gym too. I love to exercise if only it didn't hurt my joints so much.

It was quite a grey day today unlike the lovely sunny weather we had over the weekend. Late this afternoon Sian and I huddled in the sitting room watching "Independence Day" - I kept drifting off to sleep.

T and I looked at the entries on the latest Cafe competition. There were only 48. If you think that probably at least 6 staff members entered two images that's possibly only a very small number of actual members who entered, which is sad. The site is growing so fast but maybe too fast? Maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem the same these days. I still feel sad about it occasionally because I put so much into it. But the new site is fun despite its small size! It's still a challenge to try to make people happy.

Took this picture yesterday on an evening walk at sunset with Phil across Frodsham Golf course. We saw golfers! That was a first. Such a beautiful, beautiful light. I saw gorse bushes starting to flower which makes me think spring is on its way.

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Mel said...

Oh Julie! That is a stunning shot! My favorite kind of lighting ofcourse too! I'd be looking for a place on the wall for this one if I were you ;)