Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well, it's Saturday and it's been SUNNY. Cold but sunny. We went down to Heswall shore today and took a couple of pics. Forgot my wellies - big mistake.

Had an email from my California penpal. She misses us. I miss her too!! That's the downside to making friends in other countries - you don't get to see them that often. Sometimes I just want to see her and have a coffee and a chat - and I can't! Well, not without a twelve-hour flight!

I miss K too. I have booked time off to go to Canada but not sure yet if I'll make it. Sian will just have started High School and I'm not sure how she'll cope. I really want to go to see K. I wish I could take the family with me...

We really want to go back to California in summer 2007. We are going to take a couple of days in Chicago and Phil wants to meet up with Mel - well, I do too of course!! We need to keep SAVING.

I'm excited about seeing T next weekend, just hope I can negotiate my way around the London Undergroubd without getting lost.

I've been full of depressing thoughts about how fast the girls are growing up; keep doing these sums in my head about how many more years before Kate leaves home etc. I'm insane I know - they are 12 and 10! But time just flies by and I want it to slow down.

Those times when they're little and hard to cope with passes so fast although it seems endless at the time. I worry that I'll fall apart when they leave me - find a life without purpose.

Anyway, that's me for today! Phil is making coffee (from California) so I'll go drink some!


talj said...


You shouldnt fret about the girls Julie. Me, Kate and Sian will ALWAYS be around for you. Even when they are grown up and leave home you will still see them. It may be another stage of your life, you and Phil will get to do lots of things you havent had the chance to do.

But we arent going to just abandon you, contact with family is what you make it and if you want to still be a big part of the girls lives as they get older you will be.

I'm glad you went out and took some photos today :o) I like seeing the shots you get with your camera :o)

Life passes so quickly Julie, but every moment is precious, cease the moment dont worry about what tomorrow may bring but enjoy what you have right here and now.

Love you xxxx

Mel said...

Yup, they won't leave you! My parents come to coffee every single Sunday to visit and see the grandchildren. On the up side of children growing up, I say you could dive more into photography to occupy any free time you find you might have ;)

YES, I would love for you guys to make it close enuf for a visit!!! That would be really great! Tho, I'll be jealous knowing you've just been or are on your way to Yosemite! LOL