Monday, February 20, 2006

It was a funny sort of weekend. I got very despondent over one member of the site removing their gallery and because of something that happened on ANOTHER site - go figure! ; however since Saturday we've had four new members which is good news. There are such good photos being uploaded - the quality is very high.

We managed a family walk on Saturday afternoon; it was a lot of fun but not really good light for photographs. Today was the first day of half-term and K had a sore throat! So instead of K and S going swimming while I had my class with Adam K stayed home in bed and Sian came along and watched me. The rest of the day was spent doing housework - shopping, ironing etc.


TotalChaos said...

Ahh, sites can be so difficult. Anymore, I just put one in once in a while. Still putting forgotten programs in and working on new Fractals and Bryce. Bryce is difficult with no depth perception. Trying to keep up with the blog to. Kids and sickness, well, they will grow out of that, at some time. At least for mine anyway. Keep trucking, pedal to the metal, Kid. Hearts your way.

Mel said...

Oh, I know it's so hard to have lost a friend and member, but I hope you do realize that it had nothing to do with you personally. Seems to me like that person is taking it out on you for the friends you choose to keep. If it makes you feel any better, I will never judge you for your friends... that's just wrong.