Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well, it's been a great half-term! Ok, the weather could have been better especially in the first part of the week and K was ill Monday and Tuesday. But as always it's been great having the girls off school. I'm glad T will be visiting next week to stop me feeling so lonely when they are back at school.

On Wednesday K and her posse went to see "Chicken Little" so S and I went to see "Zathura" which we both really enjoyed. The prevailing theme of sibling rivalries really struck chords! S was so happy to have me all to myself. I wish my girls got on better! On Thursday we all went into Liverpool as two of the Everton Football Team were making an appearance at the Everton merchandise shop and K wanted to see them. We arrived in Liverpool around 11.30 and did some shopping (spending Christmas gift vouchers in Next!) K is getting interested in clothes OTHER than football shirts which is nice; she even picked out two t-shirts for S which she really liked. Then we headed to the Everton store where we exchanged K's Everton watch (which had never worked!) and then K took her place in the queue. We waited...we waited...we waited....Some 3 and a half hours later the two players arrived - her two favourites - she got her football signed; it took all of 30 seconds and we were out of there! They were extremely gorgeous, if I was twenty years younger...! I'd picked up a voucher for a free Costa coffee and I certainly needed it by then! When we got home K tried on her outfits; she looked amazing - a pocket Venus - she's so beautiful.

On Friday P got the day off and we all went to visit a friend and his daughter who were spending half-term in the Lakes. We spent some time at South Lakes Wild Animal Park which was well worth the trip. The highlights were the free-roaming lemurs and seeing Sumatran tigers climb to the top of poles to snag their raw meat! It was bitterly cold, however, the wind really cut through us all. We then headed to Tarn Hows for the guys to take evening light photos. The girls and I amused ourselves playing silly games in the car until we got too cold; then off we headed for a lovely Italian meal.

Tomorrow T is arriving and I've invited the grandparents round for Sunday dinner. A nice end to the holiday, I hope!

So another half-term is over. I am already looking forward to the Easter break. We didn't go ice-skating or swimming but other than that we did quite a lot of what we'd planned. We'll swim tomorrow morning instead.

I hope the girls have happy memories of their childhood. I enjoyed my life when I was a kid until things got bad between mum and dad but I don't remember doing a whole lot of "stuff" very often with my parents. We went to the cinema TWICE my entire childhood - once to see a Dr Dolittle film and once to see James Bond. Maybe that's why I love the cinema so much as an adult!

A while ago we were watching Madonna's video for "Hung Up" and I asked K if she wished she had Madonna for a mum (Madonna's 3 years older than me!) and she said no, it would be "embarrassing" to have a mum who looked and danced like Madonna! And here's me thinking everyone would like Madonna as a mum! Also, according to K, she exercises 5 hours a day in addition to everything else she does so when does she find time to be a proper mum!

I asked P this morning what he'd do with his wedding-ring if I died. Since our friend died earlier this month I've had constant dreams that I'm dying. Not unexpected really. Of course he wouldn't give me an answer!! I was telling T that I'm sure I wouldn't be as unselfish as most dying women seem to be - telling their spouses to remarry, not to be unhappy. I'd prefer at least 3 years of abject misery, please, P. What a selfish bitch I am! But death has come very close and I'm afraid. I really am afraid....

On a positive note AS has joined the site and uploaded some glorious landscapes. A, if you read this, email me PLEASE, I miss you!!

Now I'm off to bed!


TotalChaos said...

Sounds like a busy weekend to me. Glad to hear T is going to be visiting. She seems to be a wonderful gal.

As for the question about the ring. Don't you know that is the next to most loaded question you could ever ask a man? He is in trouble, no matter how he answers!!!

CG said...

LOL, DJB, I just love those loaded questions. Like "Will you still be attracted to me if i weighed 400 pounds?" and "Does this dress make me look fat?"

T is great and I'm looking forward to her stay :)

Mel said...

Hmm, I'm looking forward to a visit from T too ;)

Yup, you had a good weekend and you're already planning for easter break! I'm excited cuz it's March 1 and that means summer weather is only a month or two away from blessing us with its presence! WOOHOO!