Monday, March 20, 2006

I've been feeling energetic today and attacked the build-up of household paperwork! I also booked in the service for the central heating boiler. Of such boring domestic details does my life consist and how sad am I that I get a buzz out of ticking something off my "to-do" list???

Very bad news, though, today we heard that the wonderful ADAM, best aerobics teacher in the world, is leaving Northgate Arena for a better job in Manchester. We are all heartbroken. I just hope we get a decent replacement although I doubt anyone else could be as good.

P thinks that our senior cat is losing bowel control - yeuch. I have suspected as much for a while. Apart from that he's pretty lively and so loving BUT not sure I can cope with more shit smeared around the house. We are fast becoming a no-go zone for friends and relatives and I'm sure the house smells despite my placing various air-freshener devices in every corner. He's nearly 18; I just want him to expire peacefully in his sleep so I don't have to have him put down :( Don't want to make that decision.

My old school friend CL invited me to a school reunuion. We have a mutual friend visiting from Canada soon and CL has put together a lunch for her with about 12 former high school classmates. As it happens I can't attend as T will be visiting and P is away in Mull but I didn't want to go anyway. I think there are people who like these sort of things and people who don't and I'm the latter. People I care about from the past I've kept up with, and they with me, the rest I'm happy to remain as memories. CL I'm sure thinks I'm anti-social. Last Friday I met an old college classmate on a course. It was nice to see her; we had an enjoyable catch-up chat but soon ran out of things to say. I don't want an afternoon of that x 12, thanks. However it will be good to see my friend from Canada but on a one-to-one basis preferrably!

I'm not a total social misfit however as the Helsby Coven are convening for drinks tomorrow night; should be fun :) Here's to staggering home shrieking along the main road very late at night even if we are all in our forties now!


Mel said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty. I know it's not easy when they get on in years and their health isn't the best. I hope kitty passes the way you would like, but even if you have to make the choice, just remember that if there's discomfort involved, it's easier than suffering. I had to put my Charlie down the year hubby and I got married... hardest thing I've ever done, but he was suffering and I just couldn't bare to see it.

You know you'll have more fun with T anyway!

TotalChaos said...

We have had to have several animals put down. Very difficult, but I can't let them have pain or suffering.

I don't think there is anyone I would want to see from 42 years ago. I'd probably say "who the hell are all these OLD people"?