Monday, March 06, 2006

T has gone home today after a week's visit and I'm sad! I miss her. It's nice to have another female in the house to talk to. K does not talk very much these days and S talks an awful lot but not exactly conversation, bless her. It reminds me a bit of talks with my mum when we were both adults and i have missed those talks so much since she died.

P and K both have bad colds. I'm hoping I don't get ill. I have too much to do this week!

I took the photo above on Friday when P, T and I drove into Snowdonia in Wales. It was a beautiful day out and the scenery was amazing. I'm quite pleased with this picture. Certainly brings back happy memories!


TotalChaos said...

Sorry T. had to go home, but sounds as if you had a good time. That girl sure 'Gets around'. LOL. She was about 400 miles from me last summer at the same time Mel was out. Hope everything is going well for you. Take care.

Mel said...

Lovely shot Julie! Certainly deserves a place on the wall!

You guys all had a busy week! I can't wait for the day I can come to visit you all and can go with you on your photographic adventures!

Looks like you wore T out good too!!! LOL