Wednesday, April 19, 2006

End of the Easter break for me...

I took a photo of S on top of Helsby Hill over Easter and here she is at the top of this post!

I am dreading go back to work tomorrow! i've really enjoyed the easter holidays. I have this sick feeling knowing I'm at work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be ok when i get there. Last night I dreamed I applied for, and got, a new job. It was something to do with photography but I'm vague on the details. In my dream I was struggling with the decision to quit my current job and take the new one, even though it was something I really wanted to do. I guess after twenty years doing much the same job for the same employer I'm stuck firmly in my comfort zone and the thought of giving that up is scary. I wish i had the guts to do it, though.

How I can I dread going back to work BUT be too cowardly to find a new job?

So many people leave libraries and go in search of better jobs and it's amazing how many of them come back! I don't want that to be me - I'm one of the most senior librarians and I don't want to lose my seniority at my age!

I got a summons to jury service yesterday. It starts 12th June. It's bad timing in that in coincides with T's "anniversary week" but it does not clash with school holidays or birthdays or courses or stuff so I've not applied to defer it in case I get a more inconvenient date. I would have been quite excited except I remember P's farce of an experience last year. Turning up every day; hanging around until lunch and then getting sent home. He actually served only 2 days out of the fortnight.Oh well, I'm sure it will be interesting to see how a court functions in any event.

K and S both had friends to sleep over last night. They all stayed up until 2.30 watching DVDs but were quiet as mice. Phil left early for London and isn't home until tomorrow night so the girls are at his parents house tomorrow.

P has told me I can get some extra base units and new worksurfaces in the kitchen. We've decided not to extend the house as it would be a huge expense and it probably would make more sense to move rather than do that.

T is off looking at a potential new flat. I hope it works out as she'll be at lot closer to us then than she is now. Fingers crossed it's as nice as it looks in the photos she sent me.


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TotalChaos said...

You took some good pix there, CG. It will probably be neat to have new cupboards, for the house. Hope T is able to find a place without too muxh trouble.