Friday, April 28, 2006

It's been a good week!

A couple of the things I really worried about went ok. I enjoyed my two days at work and I'm looking forward to the weekend although I shall miss seeing my lovely T on her birthday - but we'll celebrate the following weekend!!!

I have some interesting ideas for something to do at work on Tuesday so I'm actually looking forward to going in for that extra day.

Tonight we all watched a DVD of "Cheaper by the Dozen 2". I cried a lot. S was saying "but it's a COMEDY; why are you crying?" Because it's about parents letting their kids go and grow and I struggle with that idea. I dread the idea of being a clingy mum. I remember how hard it was when mum clung to me and how I didn't do some things that would have been good for me - like getting a flat with my friend, the job swap in America, going to Manchester University...but if I'd done all those things then I wouldn't have met P and had the girls and life is good so I'm not complaining. Well, not tonight I'm not.

P is getting up early to photograph the dawn so I'm off to bed as I know he'll wake ME at dawn and I won't get back to sleep.


34quinn said...

Hey ! thanks for giving me your addy I found you !
I can relate to the crying while watching a comedy I have cried over the long distance telephone commercials that they run during christmas season.
I am an overprotective mom of two boys.
Oh and I love your blog name I can totally relate.
My hubby always tells me that I am not happy unless I am worrying.

Mel said...

I'm worried about the day I'll have to let the boys go on to be adults too. My parents were never too worried about much and just let me do what I wanted. I'm not saying that it was a perfect idea, but it let me become the person that I am today. I'm hoping I can find a happy medium of giving enuf guidance and yet giving them enuf reign to enjoy their youth as long as it will last and hopefully make proper choices along the way. Even tho they have to move on, if they do so and are happy, then I will manage to be happy for them.