Sunday, May 07, 2006

I had a lovely time visiting T in her new home in Leeds. S and I set out after her riding lesson, armed with my AA routeplanner directions and all went great until I got into Leeds. I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere I obviously was not meant to be! I turned the car around (it was a quiet street) and started back the way I came...only to realise it was a ONE WAY STREET and I was going the wrong way! I took a quick left turn only to find I was headed the WRONG WAY on a slip road to join a dual carriageway. At this point I stalled and screamed "Don't panic, Sian" which really meant "Don't panic, Julie!!". I headed back into Leeds central and ended up by a big car park. Rang T to see if she knew where I was but no luck. So off I head again and get on the Leeds loop road. This goes around and around the city centre. T lives near two tourist attractions and I figured they were sure to be signposted - they are signposted from MILES away!! Well, they were not! I toured my way past a hospital and the university and did several circuits of the shopping areas. It was boiling hot and I was getting worried..I managed to park in a side street in Chinatown and called T again. She suggested I ask a passer-by and I leapt out the car, spotted a parking attendant and screamed "HELP". He must have thought I was crazy!! Anyway he gave me directions (I wasn't too far away from T but just stuck in my loop!) and eventually i found the big museum near her building. T walked to meet me and directed me home! I was able to park with no problems. PHEW!!!

After that all went well. It's a great area that she's moved to and we had a lovely visit. Today we took a brief trip to IKEA which was useful as I was able to practice entering and leaving the city with T as my guide so hopefully won't get lost next time!!

Sian really enjoyed our "sleepover" at T's. We watched DVDs, visited some shops and ate way too much chocolate and junk. The drive home was fine except for heavy rain and a traffic jam. I can't wait to go again.

Now I'm off to bed.


34quinn said...

LOL, that is the main reason I am a homebody. I have absolutely no sence of direction.
Once I know my way somewhere I will go many times but venturing out to the unknown for the first time I am almost always the passenger not the driver.

One time years ago I did drive across the country in the company of folks I didn't even know ( ride sharing). I had to drive a portion of the trip and at night.

I still don't really know how I did that!.
But I am in no hurry to do it again.

Kristine said...

Sounds like a very full and wonderful day.

CG said...

Thanks you two for stopping by :)