Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm taking part in the Cancer Research UK "Race for life" on June 7th. It's my 3rd year of taking part. It's a 5km course and although I don't run (bad knees!) my friends and I aim to do it faster every year and are currently in training! The link above takes you to my personal fundraising page.

I lost a friend to ovarian cancer this year and P's auntie is currently at the last stages of lung cancer despite having not smoked for many, many years. Of course Dad died of cancer just over 11 years ago. I found out I was pregnant with S the day he died; we did the test after we came back from the hospital.

There's a great atmosphere at these women only fundraisers; lots of pink, lots of laughter, lots of enthusiasm. Participants wear pink cards on their back saying "I race for....." followed by names - sometimes there are several names. Cancer survivors also take part. You often find your eyes filling with tears as you read the names and talk to people as we all complete the course.


34quinn said...

good for you !!
my next door neighbour is also taking part in the weekend to end breast cancer walk here in canada in july.
She is training right now also.
This weekend comming we plan to hold our yard sales with a portion of the money going toward the funding she needs to enter the event.
Each participant must raise 2000 dollars just to be entered into the event.
If she doesn't get it all ( which I think she will) all that she raises will still of course go to the canadian cancer society.
good luck to you!!!

Mel said...

That's an excellent cause! I'm doing "Walk a Million Steps" which is a fund raiser for assistance dogs (like helping pay for the cost of training and getting them to the folks in need). If I walk with a dog at least 3 days a week, my puppy gets a special basket of doggie goodies :)