Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm thinking that I should keep a sort of exercise diary in my blog to encourage me!

Yesterday I walked around the Marine Lake in my lunch hour (45 minutes of brisk walking) and in the evening I persuaded P to accompany me on a partly up-hill walk of about an hour. It's also a nice way to get some time to talk to him.

S rode well today on her lesson. I'm still thinking of booking some private lessons for her during the summer as the fact that she can't yet move up a class is really holding her back.

K asked me to write a short piece for her parents Golden Wedding lunch today. They are going to read it out! I'm really touched. I so want to return to Canada but two weeks away from the family is such a lot...I miss K a lot. Over the years we've been writing we've shared so much. I don't think there is anyone (maybe not even Phil) who knows so much about me and yet still loves me warts and all.

I'm missing A in CA too. But at least I have next summer to look forward to and plan. And that's another good reason to keep up the diet and exercise plan.

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