Friday, July 14, 2006

I have had such a busy day today at work - no time to brood on Charlie, which was good. The Open Golf Championship is being held near where I work and it has thrown the locality into chaos. Local residents aren't sure how they'll be affected and are coming to us for advice and help. We aren't even sure if we'll find parking spaces near the library next week....!

S came home from her adventure holiday. She was very upset about Charlie. Apart from that, she was full of all she'd been doing.

K and P were wonderful last night. K went to the vets with her dad and stayed in the room stroking Charlie until the end. P and K came to work because they were worried about me driving home upset and K chatted about school to me all the way home...keeping me distracted. I love her so much...she's been so mature and kind to me. I even got two hugs - without having to ask!!

My friend AS sent me some flowers - the most beautiful bunch in a gorgeous glass vase. We've not met but I think the world of her...she's special.Phil's friend G sent me a card - despite the fact he and i have had cat v dog arguments over the years! I've had such kind messages from my "blogger" friends too...thanks, everyone. I am truly blessed with my family and friends!

I've been thinking a lot about the Kipling poem. Despite the sadness that comes from losing our animal companions, all the years we've had loving them and caring for them and being loved in return outweighs that sadness a thousand times. Charlie was a rescue dog who'd been ill-treated and I know he was happy with us. So I'm going to make sure I keep thinking of that in the days to come.

I'm looking forward to the weekend as I'm not working and S is home! Plus it's going to be SUNNY!

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34quinn said...

Enjoy your weekend.
I have to work arggg .