Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We are roasting here in our heatwave conditions! I've just spent a very uncomfortable 90 minutes in the hairdressers getting my hair coloured and it wasn't fun sitting having a bow dry on a vinyl chair in 34C temperatures!!

It's hard to sleep at night. The fan does help but i tend to wake up when it switches itself off. I don't qite feel safe leaving it running all night.

Tonight we are going to a "Last night of the Proms" concert that Sian is in; I think we'll all melt in the heat. I almost wish i was at work as that is air conditioned.

I keep looking everywhere for Charlie and even talking to him still. We got his ashes back and are going to scatter them in the Lakes on Sunday I think. P posted a photo of him and a little tribute on the Corner and A (site owner) started a little "In memory of Charlie" thread. I'm touched that so many people understand how it feels to lose a much loved pet - and have been kind enough to send me their thoughts.

Well, it's too hot to sit here so I'm off to drink more water!


Mel said...

We are in a heat wave here too. The storms we got the other nite finally broke our humidity down a bit, so it's more comfortable at the moment... won't last long tho.

I know it's just so hard to adjust to Charlie not being there with you. It's so great that you were able to give a rescue dog such a wonderful, long and happy life.

TotalChaos said...

We are still having the heat and more humidity than usual here, but We have overhead fans that we leave on all night, that helps. Hope you are getting a cooldown about now. How was the concert? Wishing for only good memories of Charlie.

CG said...

Hi TC and Mel,
I'm sure it's a lot cooler here than with you guys but we Brits aren't used to the heat. I have a fan that I leave on a timer but when it switches off I wake up!
I keep putting my hand down to feel for Charlie when I'm lying on the sofa watching TV. He was always there and now he isn't. But I'm remembering so many funny things he did! The pics that Dinsdale Piranaha posts on the Corner of his dog Jake cheer me up, as they remind me of Charlie in his young, crazy days!