Friday, July 21, 2006

The Open Golf....

It took me a long time to get to work today. The traffic trying to get to Hoylake and the Open was terrible. What scared me was the lunatic behaviour of some drivers on the motorway. At one point I thought I was going to die! For various reasons (non intentional) I ended up driving through Hoylake. It looked pretty and very continental with lots of pavement cafes and loads of happy-looking people milling around in the sunshine. I saw several rickshaws in the West Kirby and Hoylake area!! What a fun idea someone's had!

At lunchtime I walked around the marine lake, enjoying the sight of numerous dogs having a dip in the water. I hope one day there'll be another dog in my life.

S's concert on Wednesday night and her Leavers assembly last night were great. She did so well. It's the end of an era though as she moves up to High School. She did really well in her SATS and both she and K got excellent reports. I'm proud of them.

I'm feeling sad though, as I see them grow up I feel them slipping away from me. I'm going to be a terrible empty-nester, I suppose.

Hurray, it's the holidays; I'm now only working four more days until the start of September thanks to all the extra hours the council owe me. Even after taking this time back I'm still 30+ hours in credit with them.

Time for bed - another stifling night ahead.

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TotalChaos said...

Don't know if you have an overhead light in your room, but I installed a fanlight in our rooms here. The fan is on high all night, only way we can stand to sleep at night here. 21-24*C at night outside temps, warmer in the house. Empty nest here for a long time now, and still miss them. Take care.