Thursday, July 13, 2006

P is taking Charlie to see "our" vet, John, tonight at 4.20. I don't know what will happen. We found Charlie distressed and soaked in urine this morning. He was trembling and seemed very miserable. He's been doubly incontinent for some time now but it seems to be getting worse and worse. He was always such a clean dog.

I love him so much. He's been my companion for 17 years.I know he's "only a dog" but still...I can't bear to lose him.


TotalChaos said...

CG, I know how hard it is. As an elder, I have had to go through this several times. I hope things will go easy for you. I just try to thing about the good times and not think of the trialsthat they and we eventually go through.

Mel said...

Oh, honey, I am so feeling for you right now. I so understand what you are going thru. We never want to lose our 4 legged friends. In my home, they are just as important as the children, just they won't be around as long. We love all our pets with all of our hearts. Pets are more than that, not for all people, but I imagine you are very much like me in that aspect. I hope there is a happy end with the visit, and whatever happens, I hope there is no suffering for Charlie. I'll be thinking of you.

{{{hugs}}} for you.

CG said...

Thanks, Mel and TC. It means SO MUCH to have you send me your words right now!