Tuesday, July 11, 2006

S has called a couple of times and although she says she had a little cry last night because she missed us she is doing ok and having a lot of fun. She was telling me that the food is great and there's plenty of it.

I went for an hours walk earlier.

This afternoon I had a pedicure. I really enjoyed it and felt wonderfully relaxed. Then as I was getting in the car I knocked my toe on the gas pedal and scraped off some polish - damn! I managed to repair it but it's not quite as good....

Charlie just threw up on the hall floor. He is virtually incontinent now - P doesn't think it can be much longer.


TotalChaos said...

I'm sure that's got to be hard for her, and Mom. Good thoughts going for you all.

Mel said...

I love pedicures!

Glad to hear S is having a nice time. It's not easy to be away from home, but it can be such a good experience and a big step towards becoming all grown up... somehow, I think that last part isn't thrilling you tho :)

So sorry to hear Charlie is having problems. My Tiffany has recently been diagnosed with a heart murmur, and tho it's not bad yet, it's a sign that she is getting on in years and might not be around for much longer :(

CG said...

Thanks, TC and Mel