Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm breaking off from my holiday blog - I'm feeling sad tonight. Was going to have an early night but ended up staying up late and posting comments on the Corner. I can't sleep when I'm sad.

P has invited family over tomorrow for a big BBQ. He looked at the forecast and it was fine!! The latest forecast we checked had it raining here in the northwest at 4pm - exactly when the grill is due to be lit. Oh dear...

Good news is that S has a place in the next riding class up - on alternate weeks. She's been awaiting this promotion for some time and we are both thrilled. She'll be riding bigger horses and jumping again. Sadly I won't get to see her ride on Saturday next as I'm working :(

I must go to bed or I'll be totally wiped out tomorrow and no use as a hostess - not that I am in any case!

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Mel said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling down and I hope it passes quickly for you.

Hope your rain stays off for a few extra hours so you can still enjoy your BBQ too.