Sunday, August 27, 2006

I see the Photog Cafe has a new moderator called Julie!! It seems weird to see my name up there in blue although I was always CG.It seems these days that if you are an active member for a few weeks you get asked to be a moderator! It is one way of ensuring a degree of loyalty I suppose.

I manage to go whole weeks now without visiting there - progress!

It surprises me how hurt I still feel by all that went on there. And what a bad judge of character I was - how easily I was taken in by that grand manipulator, PS. With the benefit of hindsight and from talking to others I can see how she groomed all of us in turn. How she made us feel special and unique. How she'd confide in each of us, warning us not to tell anyone else, as she felt she could rely on our discretion....and then you'd accidentally find out she'd told half-a-dozen people the same thing. How she told me all about a fellow admin's marital problems to say nothing of forwarding me private emails!!

I can't believe it took me so long to see how insincere the whole ethos of that site actually is! Some of the Corner members who have joined there too have told me they soon realised the "niceness" and chummy atmosphere was only on the surface.More fool me!

I don't suppose PS loses an iota of sleep over how she treated me and others, or that one tiny ripple of self-doubt ever disturbs the complacency of her self-satisfied mind. Maybe one day she'll do a bit of soul-searching and realise her actions and behaviour have long-lasting effects on others but I doubt it.


Mel said...

I know exactly how you feel. Ofcourse, you've seen that in some of my posts :P

Yup, make everyone a mod and then that guarantees, somewhat, that they will be loyal. Seems like a clique if you ask me!

I might pop up there once every month or two, but I really don't have much interest these days, thankfully. Mostly it's just when I get hits to my blog, to which I then go look to see where some of the recent mods are from to see if the mean old lady has passed them my way. That's usually the case too.

Any time you'd like to vent anonymously, I got a blog set up just for that and you just say the word and I can arrange it for you.

You know we're in a much better place now and actually appreciated for our efforts, instead of critisized for them.

TotalChaos said...

I go there and put a fractal in once in a while, I know there are some who like what I do. I don't do anything else there though anymore.

CG said...

There are some nice people over at the Cafe, and many people who either do not know what went on or choose to believe other versions of the events - which is fine with me!

From recent events it is clear however that the basic tenets haven't changed - if you think differently from the boss you will be ignored and eventually excluded.

Mel said...

Yes, we weren't the only ones to get shafted by grandma dictator over there!