Friday, September 01, 2006

Work was really hectic yesterday. It's one of our busiest days of the year as it follows a four-day closure for the August Bank Holiday. For once we had plenty of staff so it felt pleasantly busy instead of grindingly so. I even got some time at my desk to catch up on stuff.

I heard that applicants for my dream job were VERY high powered academics, teachers and even one psychiatrist. So knowing that i would probably have not even got to interview makes me feel better - not as if I'd had to walk away from a wonderful opportunity due to home circumstances.

I visited a friend from the Corner after work; we had a very pleasant chatty evening (well, I did!!) She is a film buff and like me thinks nothing of watching the same film over and over and still enjoying the experience. We watched "Pride & Prejudice". I got home about 12.30 and realised to my horror I'd forgotten my house key. I seriously considered sleeping in the car rather than waking the Kraken (P) but it had to be done!!

Today is my last day of "time off in lieu" of the summer. S has a sleepover tonight and we said we'd take all the kids to Pizza Hut as an end of the holidays treat. I'm not planning on doing much today, just ironing and general chores.

I wore my pedometer all day yesterday but FORGOT TO SWITCH IT ON!! What a blonde moment.

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34quinn said...

hahahahah that is a blonde moment....I am surprised you didn't notice sooner I find I often look at mine during the course of the day to see where I am at.