Sunday, December 03, 2006

I can't sleep!
It's VERY stormy here tonight and in our attic room you can hear every gust as well as the rain hurling itself at the windows. I came downstairs to potter around on the Corner and shortly I'll go and sleep on the sofa downstairs!!
Can hardly believe it's December!! Where has this year gone? I have very mixed feelings about Christmas. It's going to be much quieter than last year - in a way it's nice that it will be just the four of us but in other respects I'll be thinking rather sadly about "absent friends" and what a busy, interesting festive season it was last year!!
P and I are going to brave the Christmas shopping on Monday. Liverpool has a Christmas market which should be fun so we'll check that out.
Today (Sunday) we are going to my in-laws for Sunday dinner (roast lamb...I can't wait!!)and then P & K are off to watch Everton.
I wish the rain would stop!! I wish the dawn would come!


Anonymous said...

Boy I've been a bad blogger lately! I hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holiday! We are so excited as the boys are both old enuf to really get into it this year!

CG said...

I'm a bad blogger too! Life is so busy right now I don't have time to write about it LOL