Saturday, December 16, 2006

I haven't felt like writing in my blog for a while - for several reasons. I've been working loads of extra hours recently and I also developed this cough virus which is still lingering. We have had some difficult issues to deal with on the Corner.

K from Canada is back in hospital awaiting an operation to help her breath. I'm very low about that. I have called her a couple of times and she sounds really weak.

Christmas is so close but i'm struggling to find any festive joy. I think I'll be glad to see the end of 2006. It's been a strange year. I've spent much of it with my mind and emotions in turmoil. I think I'd like a bit of peace in 2007.

I don't feel I like myself much at the moment. So I'm going to work on trying to be a better person for 2007 also.

On Monday I spent some time taking photos in Liverpool Cathedral with my friend J from the Corner. She is such a tonic to be around as well as being a great help with my picture-taking techniques.We had a good time.

I guess after the holidays are over we can start planning our trip to Chicago and CA in the summer.I really hope we can see Mafia Wife and sample one of those big donuts!

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