Friday, January 26, 2007

As Friday is catblogging day, here is a photo of Shea in the tissue box in the study. I'm glad the weekend is here although we haven't a lot planned. I took some flower photos last night that i'd like to spend some time looking at and editing. i have some stuff to do on the Corner as well.

This is the enquiry desk at work where I spend a lot of time. This week we've been clearing out a lot of our CD stock. Not many people borrow CDs these days. I guess downloading music is more popular. Talking books and DVDs are getting loads of issues however.


Kaycee said...

Shea looks so adorable in that tissue box!
It is good to see a photo of your Library, CG! I have tried to image what it looks like. You must have a lot of Library materials to offer your patrons! (I should post a photo of my little school library.)

AB said...

Shea is absolutely adorable, and I love how he snuggles down in the tissue box! :)

It's really nice to see where you work - I remember you telling me about the library, and it looks like a nice place to curl up with some photography books!