Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I went for a walk with M this morning. I really enjoyed it although the roads were slick with ice. We met a woman out for a walk with 2 springer spaniels. I remembered all the walks I'd taken with just Charlie for company.

On Monday a friend phoned me and I was feeling shivery, so i went and sat in the dark in K's room with my back against the radiator and the door pushed shut. After a few minutes I thought I heard a little metallic noise and the door moved slightly. I fully expected Charlie to come in. He always used to follow me around the house! If he'd still been alive he'd have come in and settled down next to me even if he thought I was nuts sitting in the dark talking on the phone!! I do miss him!!!

I really like to take showers in the dark. P thinks this is really weird.


Kaycee said...

Charlie was such a loving and faithful companion for you, CG. You must miss him so much and have so many wonderful memories of him.

Kaycee said...
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AB said...

I can understand how you feel. We lost our Sally a year ago this month, and being at home in Toronto for Christmas with my family, I kept looking for Sally. It was the first time since her passing that I'd been back to my parents' house, and it hurt. I kept expecting to see her following me around like she used to.

I have wonderful memories of Sally though, and although I shed a some tears over the holidays for her, I had far more laughs - remembering her and her nutty cocker spaniel ways.


CG said...

sorry about sally. i remember you telling me all about her and she sounded really lovely - must have been so strange going home and not having her there x