Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Although I'm a day late. Soon I will have been blogging for a whole year. I'd like to keep it going through 2007. It's been quite a journey. I think one of my goals is to include more of my photos in my entries.

New Year's Eve with J & D was fun. The jointly prepared buffet was delicious and afterwards we played cards then watched the new year fireworks from london on TV. At midnight we all went outside and there were some quite spectacular fireworks being let off in peoples gardens.

Yesterday Phil's parents visited. I cooked an Italian caserole of chicken in red wine.It was pretty good; the chicken was really tender.

Today we visited P's friend G and daughter P. We had a pub lunch then went for a walk in Lyme Park - saw a herd of deer. K was great with P - she happily pretended to be a pet duck and did whatever she was told including some fairly long runs which wasn't easy in wellies!

P has another day off tomorrow and as the girls are still off I think we're going into Chester to do a bit of necessary shopping.

I have been exchanging emails with my brother!! It makes me nervous but so far, so good!

I have been thinking about new year resolutions. Once I get them straight in my own mind I'll post them here and see if that helps me keep them a bit better.

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