Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am enjoying seeing the PAD blogs of some friends. I'm not going to even attempt this but will certainly try to take and upload more photos for my blog.

This Shea asleep on our windowsill. we are letting him out alone and it makes me very nervous. He's such a lovely cat! I have never known a cat as loving as this one!

S rode a big dun called George today; she did really well. George was very gentle and stood for ages just pushing his nose into my hand LOL. I am determined that this week I need to give the Riding for the Disabled Organisation a call about volunteering. I miss being around horses so much (that's the selfish part!) but I would also like to help an organisation that gives so much fun and pleasure to people. Anyway, that's my aim for the ring and see if they would like my help!

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