Sunday, January 14, 2007

I posted this photo on the Corner; and an eagle-eyed watcher at once spotted a stray green pixel I hadn't noticed! I have no idea where it came from...outer space maybe?? Anyway, I was talked through the process of using the "HEAL" tool to get rid of it and here's the result. This was originally one of my discarded photos from the Cathedral shoot but I'm happy with the way it turned out in the end.

Today is actually sunny and after lunch S and I are going to the Zoo. P & K are off to watch Everton and my mother in law is too poorly for our company so it's the Zoo for us.

it's so good to see the sun but it shows up all the winter grime in the house. i guess I should be cleaning but it's a shame to waste the nice weather. We'll be back in time to roast a chicken, watch "Seabiscuit" on DVD and for me to get stuck into the ironing.


Patz said...

Very effective cathedral image, CG. Lovely colours in it and fantastic light. glad you didn't discard it.

What cathedral is it?

TotalChaos said...

Love to see the line work of these cathedrals. They look so strong and everlasting.

CG said...

This is Chester Cathedral - small but beautifully formed!! I love visiting here. Thanks for the comments :) xx