Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am feeling more positive today! Long may the feeling last.

Work has been busy but ok. This afternoon our system crashed but luckily wasn't down for long. As usual we are short staffed; four people off from the usual staff. I like to be busy however.

P is very depressed about work; his boss has decided he and another team leader need to swap teams. No real reason for this except for the sheer hell of it apparently. Also the boss he likes is moving on and the boss he replaced is returning. I feel so sorry for him; he works so hard and puts in such long hours but things never qite work out the way he'd like them to. Poor guy rang me today to say he was working from home tomorrow so could take me for my operation - unless it was at 2.30 when he was dialling into a voice conference. well, my appointment IS for 2.30 but it's the thought that counts!! At least he can drive me there and he's not far away if the knife slips and they sever an artery! (see what I mean about being positive LOL) I will be glad when the operation is done as this growth is so bloody itchy and I'm scared I'll forget and scratch it really hard - ugh.

Lets hope the night is less stormy tonight - neither of us got much sleep. I always tend to stress about stuff when I'm semi-awake and that's when I lose my sense of proportion.

I am desperate to take some more photos; hopefully there will be some opportunities this weekend.

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