Monday, January 08, 2007

I went out and bought glucosamine & cod-liver oil tablets yesterday plus some stronger pain killers and I must really give the former a chance to work by taking ir regularily as so many people have told me this actually works.

I saw my doctor today and I need a small growth removing from my back. It's minor surgery and is happening on Friday afternoon. The worst part is I can't bath or shower until the stitches come out 5 days later which means I'll be sponging myself down - ugh.

I feel a bit less hopeless today. I talked to some friends yesterday - had a good cry with one of them - and a bit of a laugh later on with the others. Both really helped in different ways. One of the biggest blessings in my life is the wonderful friends I have around me.

I spoke to my friend in Canada last night; she is back in hospital but sounded a bit better than the last time we talked. As usual it was wonderful just to hear her voice.

I got POTD on the Corner today (for the pic above!) which was a nice surprise. I love my camera so much and I love taking photos too.

I better do some housework!


Kim Ayres said...

That really is a stunning photo!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

Hope the surgery goes ok.

CG said...

Thanks Kim :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Wow, that photo is amazing. I mean, I think I'm decent enough at taking a picture, but that is just amazing. Such vibrant colours!

I too hope the surgery goes well.

And I ALSO wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog :) Hehe.

Have a good one.

CG said...

Thanks:)That is a lovely thing you said about my photo. I'm sure the surgery will be fine :0