Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thanks for the comments on my blue pics. The photo Pat mentioned is just about my favourite ever - apart from my Charlie pic. I took it on the compact and I've had it printed and framed and I think it looks pretty good. I gave it to a dear friend and she has it on her wall!!

I am always drawn to pictures with blue in them. I don't know why. Kaycee has inspired me to start a sort of "blue gallery" and I'm really excited about the idea. Thanks K :)

I really look forward to seeing everyone's photo blogs. I'm not taking a photo a day like you are but I'm trying to use a photo that fits with each blog entry I make and that is allowing me to look at some of my photos with fresh eyes!

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Mafia Wife said...

This is a great shot cg and one to be very proud of!!!