Sunday, February 25, 2007

I got around to taking photos of my much loved Crocs today. The beige pair I bought last summer and the blue ones are new. I got the little decorations for them on Wednesday. They really are very comfortable and incredibly light yet tough.

We went to COSTCO earlier and got the girls passport photos done. Just need to fill in the application forms now. We then went to see JS and Co. for coffee.

A group of us are going to the FOCUS exhibition tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not planning on buying much (just a beanbag for the camera) but J is going to buy a Crumpler bag and i'm going to enjoy that vicariously. I have a BAD Crumpler addiction but I have two and really that's enough (isn't it??) Am supposed to be saving for the holiday.P is planning on getting a new tripod head which is good news for me as I can then inherit his current one, which is like T's and which I really like.

The girls and I watched "The devil wears Prada" earlier. Meryl Streep looked incredible. I couldn't believe how thin those girls were!!

My leg is a little better today but kept me awake a lot of the night so I'm tired and planning on an early night after I've caught up on everyone's blogs.


AB said...

{{{HUGE HUGS}}} Sorry you're feeling tired today; I understand how you feel. Been up since 4am - have had restless legs all night.

I love your Crocs! I think I'm going to have to find myself a pair of these somewhere....

Enjoy Focus tomorrow - wish I could go! I am miffed because I'll be in Birmingham for a course from the 5th until the 8th.... so I miss it by a week!


Kaycee said...

Thanks for the photo of your Crocs! Crocs are available here in the US, but I didn't know what they are called! They look like a good idea for gardening.

Anna said...

Are you my lost twin? I love Crumpler..... :)
Love your Croc pic too!

Pat said...

So many have crocs here too, CG. Love your blue ones.

Enjoy Focus. Will look forward to hearing about it.

So sorry about your leg. Horrible when you have pain there when you plan on running or jogging in the race.


Carmi said...

When we went to Ottawa last summer, we made a very big deal out of buying the kids Crocs. They've worn them to death since then, and I kinda wonder why I don't get a copy for myself.

I love your images of your footwear: the lighting is so deft. The decorations are adorable: I'm sure my daughter would be a very happy munchkin if she saw these pictures (I'll drop by again with her tomorrow!)

I would love to hear about your ideal tripod head. I agonized over the one on top of my Manfrotto. I'm picky about my equipment, and I like to know what others think about best practices and best toys.

Yeah, I'm manic that way!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Those Crocs look fab. I wonder if I can buy them oline? I would love to have a pair, I tend to not pay too much attention to good shoes and boy my feet are really starting to give me trouble now. I just want a confy pair that I can slip on when I want to pop outside or to the shops.

Hope the leg gets better soon, in the meantime we can hobble around together LOL.

(((HUGS)))) hae a great Tuesday.


RUTH said...

Sorry to hear your legs been stopping you sleeping. This style of shoe is new to me...I'm getting SO out of touch!