Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Russian dolls

I took this photo on Sunday after my Croc shots; playing around with DOF field/aperture again.

Yesterday P, myself and a a group of friends from the Corner went to the FOCUS photography exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. We had a really great day! From the first to last it was a really successful and enjoyable time - just a happy day in congenial company. We wandered around looking at the displays and chatting. I met a couple of people I'd only ever encountered online before and they were really nice. The day just flew by. We all spent some money and made a really exciting purchase ( must have had a rush of blood to the head!)

In contrast today was a work day. 35 parents and 37 babies attended Baby Bounce and it was hard work today. They were all chatting and two babies were screaming and I was hoarse trying to make myself heard over the din. Everyone is really appreciative though, which makes it worthwhile.We are becoming the victims of our own success however as the space we hold it in is now over-full and still new people keep coming. Am going to have to think about how I go forward with this.

The day ended badly for me; we spotted a guy accessing porn in our upstairs PC suite. Our software enables us to observe machines remotely and we do random checks all the time. He'd been warned for the same thing yesterday by my colleague. When I went to ask him to stop he at first denied it, then became abusive. We killed his connection and I walked away. He followed me downstairs; threw his library card at me and continued the abuse. Eventually he left but by then I was very shaken. It's hard not to be upset when you're being called a fat, ugly c*&t repeatedly as well as other things. His final shot was "you're an ugly woman; a really ugly woman" as he walked out the door. Stupidly, I was struggling not to cry.


Anna said...

I love these. The blues are wonderful with the black background. Nice one.

RUTH said...

What a horrible thing to happen. Don't let sick idiots (to put it politely) like this get you down.
I love the Russian dolls; our grandaughter rec'd one from Santa at Chritmas; Santa, Mrs Santa, penguin, and Chritmas tree inside. She loves it.

AB said...

{{{HUGE HUGS}}} Please don't let morons like this get to you, as difficult as it may be. He's not worth your time or energy.

I love the DOF on these dolls - what a beautiful shot! Your photography has improved so much; always a pleasure to view.


CG said...

Thanks guys. I still feel sick about it. Never mind...

picperfic said...

I really feel for you...must have been horrid to actually have to deal with the problem and then to have those angry words thrown at you must have been dreadful....I would have cried, I'm sure you have too....his embarrassment at being caught, again, made him react like that, what a d$£khead! What did you spend your money on at the show? I bought some wool yesterday and again today with my daughter in Devon, well it was all half price as the shop was closing down and needs must....

I love those shoes, they look so comfy and fun and the photo of the dolls is lovely, very clever idea!

Carmi said...

I am so sorry that your path crossed that of an obvious cretin. The man obviously has troubles that won't easily be fixed by a bottle of Motrin. He needs his head cracked - either by someone with a medical degree, or someone he has the misfortune of angering on the street.

I pity people like this. And I wish we could keep them far, far away from us forever.

Tomorrow will be a better day. You'll pull out your pen, your camera, and your gift of leadership and community. And you'll create magic, as you do every day.

Pornmorons need not apply.

Kaycee said...

What a fantastic photo of the Russian dolls! I really like the way you used the dof to create this shot. The contasting colors are wonderful, too!

I know what you are going through with this person who has no regard for others using the library. People like this ruin it for others and do not even see how selfish and rude they really are. We occasionally have such patrons at the College Library where we work part-time.

Pat said...

You are to be admired, CG for the job you did with this guy! You'll just have to say to yourself, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me!"

I would have been shaken too.

Love your dolls. Did you paint them? I have a set in a drawer somewhere all ready to paint.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

CG I am trying to catch up with commenting and have just read this. So sorry you had to endure this abuse, I have a neighbor who is a lunatic and he verbally attacked my husband and I last year, we ended up taking him to court because of his intimidation tactics. When he verbally attacked me that day I had never been treated or spoken to in that way and I was mortified. Just let is go, his actions speak for themselves on what his character is, he is not worth using energy on. ((((((HUGS))))))) I hope you feel better today.

Love the Russian Dolls, and I hope I will find out what that mystery purchase was in your next few posts.