Thursday, February 15, 2007

I really admire a fellow blogger (AB's) humourous photos using a "family" of little wooden figures. As well as being so funny and at times almost surreal. I think they are such a great way of practising photography techniques like lighting, DOF etc. So I've been inspired to have a go at doing something similar myself although I doubt I can be as inventive as she is! This is the first photo we took, to introduce the Woodys :)

My friend and partner in crime JS was also intrigued by the idea and we discovered these two guys on sale on the Net. We decided to name them after our husbands - maybe we liked the idea that we could make THIS P & A do EXACTLY what we wanted!Anyway, we had a lot of fun last night and I also learned quite a lot. I'm so grateful to my friends who take time to teach me about photography. It's ok to read things in a book but much better if you can actually practice yourself with someone on hand to help you out.


Kaycee said...

This is a great shot and very creative, too! The wooden toys make wonderful subjects for practicing photography techniques. Now, which one is P and which one is A? lol

CG said...

LOL, you can't tell, Kathy???

Phil is on the RHS :)

AB said...

LOL This is great!!!! I'm so glad you found some little wooden people :)

Looking forward to hearing how you boss them around and seeing what they get up to!


Pat said...

Love them, CG! I've so enjoyed AB's pics of her "wooden family" over the months and I've said so often that she should write a children's book and use these as the illustrations!