Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy catblogging Friday!

Ok, I'm cheating as this is certainly a cat but not a domestic one. i had a busy day today and could not get a shot of either Ollie or Shea that was any good. This pic was taken in South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

I have a very painful lump on my left eye that is getting steadily worse. It hurts to blink and it hurts when I'm trying to take photos - what a disaster, I planned to take lots of photos this weekend!


RUTH said...

Lovely photo. I too have a stye on my eye; I hope you haven't caught yours from visiting my
I have been sitting with a used teabag over mine ofr 5 munutes a few times a day....sounds crazy but it seems to help!

AB said...

Beautiful cat... I so love the big cats!

Sorry to hear about the lump on your eye - sounds painful. Hope it gets better soon!


picperfic said...

a brilliant rememdy for a stye...dab it with some castor oil! It works really really quickly, you can get castor over the pharmacy counter and it's dead cheap too! Such a horrid thing to have, means you're run down a bit, get some echinacea whilst yuor at it to boost your immune system...I get cold sores, now they are such a nasty ailment! Lovely cheetah shot too :^) found your tape measure yet??

Kaycee said...

I hope that your eye is better! What a magnificant creature to photograph for Catblogging Friday!