Monday, February 05, 2007

Quite a busy day today - went to aerobics and swimming with A and M, then grocery shopping at Tesco. Someone dropped a 3 kilo weight on my left foot and my toes are really hurting!

After lunch I tried taking some more flower photos with some advice from T. I used a black t-shirt as a BG but it was hard to concentrate as the men arrived to replace our aerial. Anyway, I managed to take some pics but my tulips weren't being very co-operative! I was shooting in RAW for the first time which should be interesting.

I took this photo yesterday in Ness. I liked the rich colour which really caught fire in the sunlight.

P and JS are off to their photography club tonight so I'll have a quiet night to catch up on a few things or maybe just have a look at the photos I took today.


picperfic said...

hello...I often pop in to read your blog, it's a good read! I used your link to get onto photographers corner...I joined, it's a lovely site! I got photo of the day on the second day there! Amazing! Thanks for the comment on my blog...that photo makes me feel very old!

Pat said...

CG, lovely colours in the flowers.

LOL I clicked on your dog and it's driving Geordie crazy here with the barking! HAHAHA

Kaycee said...

I like the rich colors in your photo! How do you like shooting in RAW? I look forward to viewing your floral photos!

CG said...

RAW seems like an interesting new challenge!

LOL at Geordie and the barking, Pat.

Thanks for stopping by Marianne :)