Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have a sick child today. S started vomiting last night at around midnight and continued hourly until around 5 am. In between she groaned LOTS. We didn't get much sleep. Poor girl is still very weak and uncomfortable today and can't keep anything down. There is a nasty virus going round the village - I just hope we all don't get it.

When I went out to get a bucket for her from the garage the kitten escaped and vanished into the snowy darkness! I called and searched for ages; P came down with a torch but no luck - eventually we located him in next doors garden. I was frozen by the time I got back indoors.

We got a little snow last night. Most has melted but i took a few quick photos in the garden. My toe (which had the wight dropped on it!) has turned purple and is very painful. Funny how something so small can hurt so much! I have a thumping headache too; which i'm hoping is only the result of no sleep and not the start of the same virus S has picked up!

I am thinking of two dear friends today; for whom this is a sad anniversary. They have both lost so much and both have personal battles to fight. I love them both very much and also admire them greatly.


AB said...

Hope S feels better soon - it's no fun being so ill.

You make sure you take care of yourself, too! You don't need to get ill.


Kaycee said...

CG, I hope that S is feeling much better now!

I really like the photo of the bench with the dusting of snow on it, especially done in b & w!

RUTH said...

Thanks for coming on to my blog. Sounds like you had a pretty bad day. Hope your little one is feeling better today. Love all the photos!

picperfic said...

oh boy...poorly children, your heart breaks for them when they are ill....my youngest granddaughter was sick on B and I when we last looked after them, we were pooped by the time their Mum and Dad came back!!!

Love your photos, the bench is really good :^)