Wednesday, February 07, 2007

S is feeling better today. She had a decent sleep.

It's a beautiful sunny day today but I'm confined to the house looking after S. I've been doing the usual boring chores and have just broken off from a heap of ironing to post in my blog.

This is another picture from Sunday at Ness Gardens. P has taught me to look for details to photograph. I liked the way the ivy was clinging to the tree so firmly and yet so gracefully.

I have just signed up for Cancer Research's Race for Life 2007. A group of us from our village do this each year. I don't actually run as my arthritis won't allow but I always try to beat my own time. Last year was a struggle. I was in so much pain near the start I thought I might have to drop out. However, with the support of my friends i was able to finish. There is a wonderful atmosphere on these events - everyone is helping everyone else on.

Since the race last year, a friend lost a daughter to cancer,my friend K's mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and another friend received a cancer diagnosis only this week. It makes me realise how precious life is and how much we need to cherish every day.


picperfic said...

I hate this keeps crashing on me...I wrote a really long comment and then the flipping thing decided to give up on me! Anyway...I can't remember much of the content of the comment but I was saying that I'd love to make you a 'Maid Marian' if you'd like me to?? you can email me at picperficatgmaildotcom and we can have a chat about it if you like...I've not made anything to sell for ages but I really want to get into it again...much nicer than going out to work!!
Oh yes, I remember, I was saying that I really aught to get involved in one of those WFL' son-in-law's Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer yesterday, a bit scary when its so close to home....

AB said...

I'm so glad S is feeling better! :)

Really like the detail in the photo - beautiful light. It is lovely to stop and take a closer look at some everyday things!

Good on you for signing up for the Race For Life - it is something that hits so hard, and so close to home.


Kaycee said...

Your photo has wonderful textures and details!
I am glad to hear that S is doing better today. It is wonderful that you signed up for the Race for Life. There is so much spirit at these events. The events do so much good!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...


I keep loosing the link to your blog for some reason! I have had a look through all of your wonderful pictures and stories and you have my deepest sympathy. I know what it is like to have someone dependent on you 24 7 365 and how heartbreaking it is. Your pictures are great, so much color and brightness. I like the ivy one a lot, sometimes we have to look closer at things which is what I dont tend to do. I look at the bigger picture, but when you look at the finer details those make the best shots sometimes.

Stay strong and I wont loose yuor link again I promise


picperfic said...

Hi there...really I'd love to make you a jumper or cardi.....I have put an email link on my blog ;^)