Tuesday, March 20, 2007

By the fireside...
It has been a long, busy and productive day at work - but I really enjoyed it! Yesterday I was feeling a bit downhearted but today was so much better! We had our time briefing after work and I brought in bread rolls and got chips from the chippy - just a little snack but it made the meeting seem less like a chore. The trusty slow cooker had done it's work so there was pork in plum and ginger sauce ready when i got home. I snapped this pic from where I lay on the floor in front of the fire - it's been chilly today and by the fire is a nice place to end the day.

My IBS has been terrible this week for some reason and right now my tummy feels as if one of Lori's frisky horses has been dancing all over it so I'm off to bed with a hot water bottle. I have a Race for Life training walk in the morning and RDA in the afternoon!


Anna said...

Sorry that my pics didnt show...I had to repost and now they are there!

That fire looks nice and warm!

RUTH said...

A lovely cosy photo. Have you tried Aloe Vera juice (from Health Food shops) for your IBS...we suggested it to one of our daughters-in-law and she takes it regularly now as she says it's a great help.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

LOL, thanks for the giggle, believe me you would know all about it if one of my horses had danced on you LOL. Thanks for making me smile.

I am glad today went better at work. I have been catching up on all the posts and pics again.

I love the picture of your Mom, those old photos are amazing, she truly is beautiful. I miss all of my personal "stuf" most of which is in South Africa in storage and wonder if I will ever see it again, included are all my personal pictures while growing up.

Your story with your Mom is very similar to mine. I lost my Mom to cancer, very quick and unexpected, when I was 19. I was planning to get married in the February of the following year when we heard that she was so ill, so we brought the wedding forward to November and unfortunately she passed away 6 days before the wedding. She has been gone for 26 years now and I still miss her, she was only 42. We share so many similarities in our lives.

The picture of you is gorgeous!!! In face if I had to put blonde hair on you I would think it was me LOL. I was blonde til I was about 5.

Shea looks very content in front of that fire. I used to love the old fireplaces in the apartments in London, those ornate sides and tops. Yours looks a bit more modern though.

Think of you daily, so even if I dont get to post rest assured I am there.

((((HUGE HUGS)))


Kaycee said...

I am glad that you had a better day at work. I hope that your tummy feels better soon. The fire looks so inviting!

Pat said...

Hey Julie, is your fireplace a real coal one?

Oh, how I loved my fire when I lived over there.

Faye Pekas said...

It looks inviting and comfortable. I'm glad you had a better day today. :)

AB said...

How wonderful and cosy it looks by your fireside! Wish I was snuggled up by one now. It snowed rather heavily overnight, and there are a couple of inches of wet and heavy snow everywhere. My poor daffodils have been destroyed :(

{{{HUGS}}} Hope you feel better soon. Chris suffers from IBS so I can understand a bit of what you're going through.


picperfic said...

hope your tummy settles soon, I have developed IBS since all my marriage woes started...I'm hoping it will settle down soon :^)