Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just a happy day....

I have really enjoyed today! First thing I met up with J and M, two of my Helsby friends for a Race for Life training walk. I took this photo of the tree branches against the blue sky after we'd walked up the first big hill! As you can see the weather was perfect!

A bit further on we passed one of the local pubs. It's quite a nice place to have lunch both in summer and winter - T and I have had a few lunches here. You feel you've earned your drink if you walk here - whichever way you approach it it's up steep hills!

This last pic is the view up Towers Lane. We walked down it today but we often walk UP instead! It's a longish pull and at first J and I couldn't walk it and talk at the same time (M actually RUNS up it, the fit minx that she is!!) but now we can walk up it chattering away and barely notice the incline. We saw coal tits, long-tailed tits, a green finch and heard a woodpecker. Lots of coltsfoot is out in the hedgerows.

After lunch I went off to RDA. I actually remembered to wear my purple riding gloves today which was lucky as i was helping to lead Theo. The lady who usually takes Theo had hurt her wrist when he knocked her over last week making a dash for a patch pf grass at the end of a ride! So she wanted me to help her. Theo has his "little ways" - he kicks out with a sort of "pawing the ground" motion and also a tendency to nibble people, as well as his habit of trying to snatch any bit of greenery he passses. On the whole he was very good today. All three rides turned up and all of Theo's riders enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. For such a contrary beast, he is a total lamb in the stable, very docile and gentle. Go figure!

Sorry for rambling on but once again I'm on a bit of a post-horse "high"!


RUTH said...

Really enjoyed reading about your day and good to "hear" you on a high. Hope tomorrow is as good if not better.

RUTH said...

Oops...meant to say I love the photos too; especially that first tree shot...wouldn't mind popping into the pub either...LOL

AB said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your walk - we had a gorgeous day here too, but I was stuck looking out at it through the bank window!

That pub looks like one you would love to cosy up in for a few drinks and some lunch - yum!


Pat said...

My post disappeared!

I was saying how I miss the little lanes like you've pictured. None line that over here.

So glad you had a nice day.

picperfic said...

now you are just making me feel lazy, all that walking you're doing! So gla you can natter as you walk along up hills and stuff, what a lovely thing to do with your friends...x

Kaycee said...

It is wonderful to see the photos of your lovely Helsby. I feel as if I have made a "virtual" visit. Now I have a better sense of what your area is like!

Anna said...

I am sure it was good to get out for a walk...that third picture I love. Looks like it is out of a Jane Austen movie...


Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful shots and beuatiful place.I like the contrast between the trees and the sky.Great colors.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your walk.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I like ths shot of the lane the most, it reminds me of my time in England, we tried to drive around as much as possible to see places. The only thing I have found is that the drivers over there speed down these little lanes and around blind bends like racing drivers and they are so narrow that we had many a close encounter head on with another car. I also have heard of many horse and rider accidents with cars because the drivers are speeding. So my point is, please be careful as you are walking up these lanes!!!! Love the shot.

I am glad you enjoyed the horses, they do have personalities dont they LOL, each one different.

A Book Group sounds great. I used to read so much but havent picked up a book for years. I used to enjoy the Jean M Auel books, Clan of the Cavebear, Valley of Horses, Mammoth Hunters and the fourth in the series The Shelters of Stone. Have you read them? They can be very heavy reading because she goes into a lot of detail in places, but it is an interesting saga.

Well on to your other posts, I dont know why I have missed so many. (((HUGS))))