Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy World Book Day!

Today was pretty action-packed as library days go. My colleague L and I had 5 classes visit the library between 9.30 and 2 pm and as most of them were big classes we had to split them - which meant we did around ten separate sessions of library talks, poetry and stories. It was tiring but fun. Most of the kids and their teachers had dressed up as book or film characters and they looked fantastic.

In the afternoon we had a talk for adults from author Anthony Peake and in the evening the adfult reading group discussed "Catcher in the Rye". We were shortstaffed so the day past in a blur but I'm pleased with how everything turned out. I had to miss S's parents evening but P went and said her teachers are pleased with her and her best subject is French!

After work I went to see JS and we took some photos. I called this pic "Phil decided to do a little dusting..." I love my feather duster. It's too gorgeous somehow to actually use for dusting! This is the first pic I've posted taken with my new camera. It's a Nikon D40 and P bought it for me at FOCUS. I am really excited to own a DSLR.

Tomorrow I have to take as leave - I have one day left to use before end of March and this is the only Friday I can take time off without taking us below minimum staffing levels. I hope it's sunny!


picperfic said...

it is sunny!!! Hurrah!! Hope you're not too tired to enjoy today after that hectic day yesterday! A D40...oooh, it looks like it's taking good shots already. Had a giggle at your inability to use your beautiful feather duster, they really are lovely to look at :^) Have a happy day and have a look for that tape measure!

Kaycee said...

You had such a busy and productive day at the Library! Isn't it great to see the response of your Library patrons after you have done your outstanding programs?

AB said...

Wow! What a lovely new DSLR!!! Hope you really enjoy it - I know I love my D50 :)

Great shot of your Woody with the feather duster; I really like the light and composition.