Friday, March 02, 2007

Catblogging Friday again and I have two pictures of Shea.One is the second picture I took with the new Nikon and the other is a quick snap I took of Shea in the garden. I just liked the way he was looking around at his surroundings.

The cat sat on the mat....
I've been off work today and went for a long walk in the lanes around Helsby. it was lovely to see signs of spring everywhere; everything coming into bud and all the birds rushing around in the hedges. Earlier on I'd visited the pond and was delighted to see frogspawn! Plus happy frogs intent making more off it! Frogspawn is quite hard to photograph especially when lying on your stomach on cold gravel, holding a compact camera and with an inquisitive cat head-butting you at every opportunity!


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I nearly forgot about Catblogging day, thanks for the reminder.

Shea looks too cute, I can imagine him/her headbutting you while laying on your tummy to get the frog spawn pics. You definitely must make a daily thing of this to document the progress if you can. It would make a great series of shots to sell to a publication if you are successful with documenting it.

Roll on spring.


picperfic said...

that frogspawn shot is excellent...looks like a load od eyeballs!! Have a happy weekend x

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you got down on the cold ground to capture this shot. It's so abstract that it invites the eye to linger for a long time. You have a great compositional gift: you know what'll look neat in a two-dimensional image.

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I've learned to listen only to the voices that matter, and to ignore the voices that don't. You listened to your daughter. She's right: beauty is apparent in so many ways, and sometimes we need to listen to the wisdom of a child instead of the hatred of a stranger.

Wait, make that ALL the time.

AB said...

Hooray! Spring's coming! :)

Great shot of the frogspawn, it really does look like oodles of eyeballs! I would love to see a series of photos of its development!

Glad you enjoyed your day off {HUGE HUGS}


Anna said...

That is wonderful of the frogspawn! Nice job!

RUTH said...

What a beautiful cat. Love all that frogspawn....I think frogs are so cute.

Pat said...

Wonderful frogspawn! You should have many lovely frogs come spring. I really enjoy them.

Enjoyed your cat pic today too and do you know what? I forgot what day it was! {{{BLUSH}}}}

Kaycee said...

Shea must be a joy to photograph and so playful, too! I keep coming back to look at the frog spawn photo because of all the different textures.