Friday, March 09, 2007

I can never quite believe how quickly catblogging Friday comes around so here's another picture of my lovely Shea squirming happily in front of the gas fire.

I've been waking up scared the last few days. I don't know why. It's a horrible feeling and I hope it passes...

On my way to work today I finished listening to the audio tape of my book about Seabiscuit. I felt quite lost when it was over. It was a great story, really funny in places, exciting in others, sad in others. I had never before quite realised how dangerous racing was (and still is) or quite how hard it was for the jockeys to maintain a low weight to enable them to ride. The book is quite a lot different from the film with a lot more detail and information.

Todays other photo is one of my favourite pics from my first trip to Venice. I've been a bit tearful today for various reasons but this pic always makes me smile for some reason.


Anna said...

Sorry to hear you had a teary day. Been there. Have a good weekend! :)

RUTH said...

Sorry to hear you've had one of those "scared" feeling nights; probably part of the reason you feel a bit down today. Sending you a big cheesy :-) and a flower @-> to cheer you up.

picperfic said...

it is very rude ha it! Sorry you've been feeling low...blooming women, what are we like!? I am always amazed when you put another cat pic on here..time is whizzing by! Have a lovely weekend x

Kaycee said...

Julie, I think that we all have those feelings at one time or another. I seem to have the same feeling when I worry and think, What if? But the feeling usually passes, though.

Shea looks like a playful kitty.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi CG,

I forgot catblogging Friday so had to add a second post for the day!!! Love your kitty, looks so content.

I am sorry that you have been feeling that way, I have been experiencing a lot of bad dreams lately too which is really strange. Hope you got a good night's sleep last night.

I love the Venice photo, got me smiling too.

Just a quick check in, I am only able to check up on a few of my fellow bloggers. Will be back into the loop soon. ((((HUGS)))) hope you feel better soon.


Pat said...

Hi Julie...

Sorry you've had a teary day. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Love the photo of Shea and your post reminded me of Catblogging Friday so I decided to post about Geordie's friend, Victor!