Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well, I'm all signed up to be a volunteer for RDA. Everyone seems really friendly so I'm going along again next week to actually help. I met some of the riders today. They are adults with learning difficulties and a really enthusiastic bunch. One lady is 76 and has been riding for years! It was great to see them head off for a ride in the woods on this glorious sunny afternoon. The second class, which is a group of children with mild to moderate learning disabilities had cancelled for today so I didn't get to meet them. It was good to see some of the horses I'd not encountered before. One of them, Hannah, has had a tracheotomy for around 15 years!! She's now in her mid-twenties and has given thousands of disabled riders happy times over the years. The helpers told me that the horses seem to sense when their rider is "different" and behave extra well...even the horses who are normally a bit bolshy like Albert and Theo!

So I just took a snatched shot of my garden from the bedroom window today - it's so good to see the sun and the garden coming back to life. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Mafia Wife said...

Beautiful garden!

You know, horses and many other animals are like that with sensing things. Many years ago, my aunt had a mare that hated adults and would not permit someone remotely green in riding up on her back. But she was excellent when it came to kids. One day, while in her stall, my aunt was grooming her and my 3 yr old cousin was just sitting on her back. My cousin kicked her sides and yelled giddy up and off the mare went, a dead gallop out of the stall into the field. My cousin had hold of the mane and was fine and then after about 30 or 40 yards, the mare realized it was a child on her back. She then stopped dead in her tracks and froze there until my aunt got to her and led her back to the stall. She hated adults and could be so mean, but when it came to kids, she was 100% trustworthy. It amazes me to this day.

Carmi said...

I just got a call from a colleague of mine. She called from her BlackBerry as she was heading out to check on her horses. Must be serendipity that I read this entry tonight.

My day got a lot better after I read this: how cool that you're embarking on this adventure: I hope you'll be bringing your camera along.

Kaycee said...

Your horseback riding program sounds like it will be very fun and rewarding! I look foward to seeing your photos!

RUTH said...

I am sure you will get so much enjoyment out of the RDA and helping others at the same time. Your bench looks perfectly placed for watching the birds on the feeder.

Pat said...

What a great way to volunteer, Julie. I wish you well and I know that it sounds as if you're really going to enjoy it.

Love the pic of your garden! Looks so lush and green.

I will take a photo out my bedroom window! LOL


JCR said...

Good luck with the RDA Julie, it sounds fantastic, lovely photo of the garden :) my page is back up and running now