Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Saturday and that means catching up with housework! however I also got to try out the new macro lens. It was fantastic to experiment but when I came to look at my photos I encountered a problem reading the NEF files with Photoshop Elements 5. P thinks we need to download a plug in but I am temporarily frustrated as he's gone out to take sunset photos with the Wildcat. So in lieu of macro photos; here is one I took of a large cup and saucer. This was oart of my Christmas gift from the WC - she is always teasing me because I never finish a cup of tea or coffee, hence this extra large cup to "train" me with - theory being if I can finish one of these a regular cup will be easy in comparison1

S rode very well but there was some drama when one of my favouurite horses, George, stumbled and fell, and the little girl riding him came off. Luckily both seem to be ok; it was hard to tell who was the most shocked.

This is photo of a house I really like in West Kirby - i love the red roof and all the interesting gables and towers. Plusit's nice to see the sun sometimes shines in West Kirby!


Chad Oneil said...

The cup shot is really cool.

Anna said...

Great house! I want one! :)

RUTH said...

Hope you get your photo problem sorted. Clolourful cup; fun idea for a pressy. Love the house too; like the dormer window. have a great evening

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

What a colorful cup, looks great on the black background.

I also love these houses. So many unique ones there in UK.

I am sorry that a freaked you out with my spider :-( It was about 1.5 inches across, not really big, but I am still grossed out by them. As long as they dont come into the house and keep their distance that is fine. I also dont mind snakes and often find Garter (Garden) snakes in the barn and yard and I pop the camera out and take some shots before letting them go on their merry way. I will have to post a few shots of them sometime LOL.

Just for the record, in Zimbabwe where I was born we used to get Baboon spiders which were the size of tea saucers an stood up on their hind legs and hissed at you when you came too close. Yuk!!! I was very absent when they were around.


AB said...

I love that cup and saucer - big cups of tea are JUST my thing! :) Beautifully composed and taken.

I am really looking forward to seeing the photos you will take with the macro lens; I love mine. Sorry to read that you're having trouble with Elements 5 at the moment though :( Hope you get it sorted soon.

Lots of love and {{HUGE HUGS}}