Saturday, March 24, 2007

P downloaded a plug in so I was able to access my raw files from yesterday's macro experimenting. It really is interesting to see the effect of different apertures. My favourite pictures are these two shots of a fridge magnet I got from Bath six years ago. I like the "eye" shot the best although P prefers the other one.

We have had a lovely day! S went to a party, so after a quick trip to COSTCO P, K and I picked up P's dad and headed over to Goodison Park to see part of the David france collection of Everton memorabilia. K really enjoyed it. She and her dad and grandad had their photo taken with a big silver cup (er...not sure WHICH cup LOL) to create a picture they had taken ten years ago when she was little more than a baby!

I popped down the garden to the compost heap and noticed how quickly the weeds are growing in the rockery. I pulled up as many as I could and then cleared the slimey green weed out of the mini-pond i have on the deck in a large ceramic pot. I'm going over to Leeds this Tuesday to visit T and we are going to a garden centre to buy pots and plants for her balcony. I won't be able to resist getting some stuff myself I expect!

I'm working tomorrow instead of Tuesday as I've swapped my working hours around this week so the Leeds trip can take place.


AB said...

I'm so glad you were able to get to your macro shots - I really like them both, but prefer the first one. I really like the angle of view and the detail. Looking forward to seeing lots more macro work.

{{{HUGS}}} Hope tomorrow goes by quickly at work, and that you enjoy your visit with T. Please deliver a HUGE HUG from me to her!


RUTH said...

Glad you got plug in sorted. It was lovely here today...good garden weather. Bet you'll come home laden with plants next Tuesday. Shall be envying you both.

Anna said...

I like the first one too! :)

I am hoping to go to Bath with my daughter, Sadie...she is reading all the Jane Austen books this year and we want to take a mother/daughter trip there to spend the weekend together.....

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I like the second one, okay so I have to be different, but I like the depth of field drop off, I think it gives the shot more depth.

Sounds like you are in for a very busy week. Enjoy your day with Natalya, it I ever get over to the UK again we will definitely have to have a get together with Anna, Anna 2 you and Talj LOL. Anyway give her a hug for me, she is sounding so much happier these days, I am so glad.

Take care and (((((MEGA HUGS)))))


picperfic said...

I like the one with the eyes in focus, is that the second one? What lens have you got? I use Picassa2 for most of my RAW files, you can quickly and easily edit them in it. It's a free download and I think its an amazing bit of software. It also is an image browser too. For the special photos that I want to print I use Nikon Capture NX which I think can be downloaded for a month for free, by which time you get hooked and need to buy the programme! I highly recommend Picassa2, have a look here good luck with the RAW files, it took me ages to underswtand why I actually needed to use RAW...I don't use anything else now.

Kaycee said...

You captured such fine details! It looks like you really enjoyed this macro section. I have to do some experiementing with my camera!

Your garden must be lovely! It will be a while before we are able to plant anything here. Most of the snow is gone, but now the rainy season has started. And it is still chilly!